Thar people eating Locusts as food

Usually swarms of Locusts brings hunger and destruction of crops by eating all the green crops but this time thar people comes with unbelievable idea of using Locusts in food dishes.

Tharparker witnessed a heavy swarm of Locusts in recent days but the residents of this region have found a delicious way of tackling Locust.Thar people are using Locusts in their food.New dishes names as Locusts Karahi and Locusts Biryani being introduced in different hotels of thar.

The roadside hotels and Dhabbas offering these delicious dishes to their customers, according to details these dishes are getting famous people love this idea.

An owner of a hotel shared his recipe with news reporter.He said we have to clean the grasshopper fisrt then their legs and hind portion is detached from body.

Locusts, like many other insects, are an excellent source of protein. According to the Encyclopedia of Science, they contain 62% protein, 17% fats and elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, sodium, iron and phosphorus.

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