Government Employees Banned from Using Social Media Platforms

Islamabad: In efforts to prevent the spread of official information and documents, the government has imposed a restriction on all government employees from using social media platforms without permission.

According to reports, a notification was issued by the Establishment Division on August 25 informing of this new ban, also adding that this didn’t intend to discourage any positive use of social media, such as requesting feedback on government policies, taking suggestions for improvement in service delivery, and allowing for resolution of complaints.

The notification said, “They, while using different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microblogging etc, to air their views on a host of subjects and sometimes indulge in actions or behavior that does not conform to the required standards of official conduct, as envisaged in the Rules.”⁠

According to details, however, the employees must maintain their usage to remove offensive, discriminatory and inappropriate content. Detailed instructions were given to them in this regard.

The notification further added, “Rule 18 of the Rules bars a government servant from sharing official information or document with a government servant or a private person or press.”

Furthermore, according to Rule 22, no government employee may publish or communicate remarks that may embarrass the government in any capacity.

Apart from this, nothing that may threaten national security or friendly relations with other nations or allow defamation and the like is permitted. Failure to comply with any of the given rules will result in strict disciplinary action.

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