Governments should not Sideline Accountability, Transparency while dealing with Corona Pandemic: IMF


ISLAMABAD, July 18 (Online Int’l): The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that governments should not relegate the process of accountability and sideline transparency while taking steps to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

It has been said in a video film that IMF has provided financial assistance on an emergency basis to over 70 countries to address corona virus pandemic implications. Over 25 billion dollars of assistance has been extended to these countries. The video said that this is a message from the IMF for all countries that they should incur expenses according to requirements, but expenses should be made prudently and their receipts kept by these countries. We can not sideline or relegate the accountability process.

The video said that corruption is such a disastrous force that it is affecting the poor and marginalized segments of society more than all. IMF is continuing cooperation with governments in their moves for eradication of corruption. IMF is working jointly with governments in government purchases, online publication of agreements, independent audit, and anti-corruption and anti-money laundering steps. The  moves in this regard are encouraged as well.

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