Govt announces Ramadan package to provide economic relief

Baaghi TV has learnt the Government of Pakistan has announced a Ramadan package to provide economic relief to the public.

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According to reports, the Ramadan package will be available at utility stores from the 10th of April, 2021 till Eid-ul-Fitr.

According to reports, the prices of items have been fixed at lowest possible rates to ensure economic relief during the month of fasting with sugar estimated to be at Rs.68 per kg, Ghee at Rs.170 per kg, Flour at Rs.800 per 20 kgs.

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According to reports, gram flour will be available at Rs.140 per kg, dates will be available at Rs.160 per kg. Meanwhile, Masur pulse will be available for Rs.130 per kg. Additionally, Chickpea pulse will cost Rs.145 per kg, Mung pulse will cost Rs.240 per kg, Maash pulse will cost Rs.255 per kg, respectively.

Moreover, Basmati rice will be available for Rs.140 per kg, and sela rice will be estimated at Rs.139 per kg.

According to reports, Milk will cost Rs.137 per liter, while tea will be available for Rs.896 per kg, 1500 ml bottle of sharbat will cost Rs.444 per kg.

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