Govt asked to provide 5 per cent job quota for minority community

ISLAMABAD, Dec 24 (APP):Human Right activist Ayub Malik on Tuesday demanded of the government to provide five percent quota in jobs for the benefit of the most marginalized minorities in the country.

Talking to APP, he said that this rule of law required to evaluate the implementation of the 15 percent of job quota for women and five per cent job quota for minorities, especially women.

He further added that the government departments should respond while a large majority of the 121 departments and institutions reported that the job quota was not being met.

While, the quota system did help rectify Minorities’ under representation in the public sector.

The situation is still grim, with women still facing many challenges due to the professional and home life as well as cultural issues that limit their roles.

He further added that there should be mechanism for systematic evaluation existed in the public sector to see how the quota regime for minorities was functioning.

Perhaps the five per cent job quota was that most of the municipalities fulfilled this by employing minorities only as sanitation workers in several fields and five per cent quotas be implemented and should be gender-balanced, he further added.

He further added that although the government had promulgated gender-neutral law, he further added.

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