Govt committed to expand country’s rice export: Chairman PMBC

ISLAMABAD, Dec 10 (APP):Honorary Counsel General of Morocco in Karachi and Chairman of Pakistan Morocco Business Council (PMBC) at Rabat Mirza Ishtiaq Baig said the government was committed to expand country’s rice export in market abroad specially in Morocco which is vital for creating good jobs and strong economy.

Talking to private news channel, he said PTI led government has a clear vision to enhance Pakistani exports and we will soon get the access in the Morocco rice market. Pakistan Embassy in the Kingdom of Morocco has organised a Biryani festival in Rabat in order to promote Pakistani rice, spices and the soft image of the country, he informed.

He said Morocco nation widely appreciated our festival for its quality where we will get fruitful results after this successful event. Mirza said that Morocco and Pakistan had historic relationship and such events would bring the people of two countries closer.

He explained that “Moroccans are not traditionally a rice-eating country but there is a growing interest in rice. Several Asian restaurants have recently opened up and through further awareness we will increase our rice export abroad.”

“There is a lot of interest from local businesses in importing Pakistani products including rice. However awareness needs to be enhanced among farmers and people”.

He said that this biryani festival was provided a great opportunity for the Karachi business delegates to meet businessmen from Morocco over the course of three days during which future business opportunities were explored.

Ishtiaq said import of Pakistani rice and other products will help increase rice exports as well as other
industries. He said Pakistani food getting popularity in world with its quality, adding, now international demand for Pakistani rice has been increased around the globe.

This year with the policies of present government we had a very good crop of rice in terms of quality and
quantity. Further, prices of Pakistani rice are comparatively cheaper than our competitors which is also in our favour of Morocco.

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