Govt issues order to stop government employees from private business, private consultancy services

The federal government issues order to immediately suspended all government employees and officials for providing private business, commercial affairs and personal consultancy services.

According to the reports, on the orders of the federal government, the Establishment Division in its instructions said that government employees found to be involved in the violation of orders would be prosecuted under the Government Servants Conduct Rules 1973.

Sources said that the Establishment Division has also written to the Chairman NAB, Auditor General of Pakistan, Secretary Election Commission and all other concerned agencies including DG IB to implement the instructions.

In a similar development, the federal government has barred all government officers from making statements or expressing opinions on electronic, print and social media. For this purpose, it has issued a comprehensive circular last month.

The circular stated national interests were harmed when officials made statements on the media. “Such statements affect friendly relations with other countries as well,” the TV said quoting the circular.

To ensure that the order is fully complied with, the government has made it clear that “Disciplinary action will be taken against the violators.”

According to the Establishment Division, the prohibition order has been issued as per Civil Servants Conduct Rules 1964.

It is pertinent to note that Article 22 of the Civil Servants Conduct Rules 1964 states, “Publication of information and public speeches capable of embarrassing the government: No government servant shall, in any document published, or in any communication made to the press, over his own name, or in any public utterance or television programme or in any radio broadcast delivered by him, make any statement of fact or opinion which is capable of embarrassing the government.”

The Article 22 however, stated, “Provided that technical staff (both gazetted and non-gazetted) may publish research papers on technical subjects if such papers do not express views on political issues or on Government policy and do not include any information of a classified nature.”

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