Govt will stay: Governor Punjab

LAHORE, Oct 24 (Online): Interior Minister Ijaz Shah has said that pledge to weed out corruption and hold across the board and transparent accountability will be delivered by government.

He said this during his meeting with governor Punjab Chaudhry Ghulam Sarwar here Saturday. The two exchanged views on a set of issues including political situation of the country.

Interior minister said on the occasion “we will fulfill the promise of holding across the board and transparent accountability and eliminating the corruption. Because people have mandated PTI government for five years to govern.

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said “ government is staying and will stay , no many ho many  public meetings and protest rallies are held by the opposition. We will not allow the politics of chaos of our political opponents succeed.

He underlined that PM Imran Khan and the government will complete its constitutional tenure. The general election will take place in 2023, he added.

He vowed not to compromise on elimination of corruption and transparence because Imran Khan pursues politics of principles.

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