GREF: Pakistan’s security, prosperity and strategic plan that bothers the US

Lahore, 9th June: Golden Ring Economic Forum which is Pakistan’s security, prosperity and strategic Plan, is in jeopardy from the United States.

The concept of this economic bloc was first proposed at a meeting of the said countries in 2010 before the formation of the Economic Forum (GREF). Initially, its networking took into account geographical and regional factors.

Among the pioneers of the Golden Ring Economic Forum (GREF) were businessmen,  diplomats, scholars and senior government officials from various walks of life from countries including China, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey.

It was later decided that other Central Asian states could become permanent representatives to the forum, as well as people from those countries.

The purpose of this forum is:

a: to lobby for a new strategic economic grouping for national economic security
b: to promote the common, long-term common strategic economic interests of the other four countries in Pakistan
c: a policy between policymakers and stakeholders acting as a bridge.
d: Assisting the government in the development of policy frameworks, procedures, rules and regulations and the rules of multilateral strategic economic cooperation, designing and implementing it.
e. Working for the establishment of a Joint Customs Union of Member States.
f. To assist in the development of modern joint ventures in Pakistan.
g: Joint Advancement Research, Collaboration, Coordination and Initiative Programs/Projects for Applied and Social Sciences and Technology.

In the establishment of this forum and its subsequent existence, the other countries that have joined have historically been members of the most important civilizations in the world.

Pakistan’s participation in the forum is important for its geo-strategic centering as it faces the Persian Gulf on one side, the Strait of Hormuz on the other, and the Indian Ocean in the south.

Currently, it accounts for 40% of world trade and 80% of world oil trade, with the Strait of Hormuz in the Strait of Malacca having about 50,000 ships a year, which is about 50%.

This alliance is also important because the United States and its allies in the Indian Ocean are currently in a position to block the region along with India. In these circumstances, the Golden Ring Economic Forum is very much for Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, China and Russia.

Meanwhile, the northern part of Pakistan is connected to China, Afghanistan and Central Asia. While the West shares borders with Afghanistan and Iran.

Pakistan’s importance in the Golden Ring Economic Forum is also due to the fact that Pakistan’s long eastern borders cross traditional rivals with India.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s geographical borders with other neighboring countries are very beneficial for China, Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East and have a huge impact in terms of defense, economy and society.

In short, if Pakistan has such importance in the Golden Ring Economic Forum, then other countries also have special importance in this forum. In these circumstances, Pakistan is also considered a major center of economic development in the region.

The importance of the participating countries in this forum is such that many of these countries share borders with European countries and it is an economic belt in which each participating country is indispensable to the other.

In the context of these circumstances, this forum came into existence, which is currently being discussed in the various international forums.

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