Hajj and Umrah suspended till the next order: Saudi Ministry of Religion

Riyadh, 28th May: Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs has announced to suspend the Hajj and Umrah till the next order.

According to reports, the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs has said that Umrah and Hajj will be suspended in view of the current situation.

According to the Saudi News Agency, the Ministry of Hajj said in a statement that experts are considering the situation of the global epidemic and as soon as the situation improves, a better decision can be made in this regard. Routine life is now slowly being restored, but no decision has yet been made regarding the restoration of Hajj and Umrah.

Saudia suspends prayers at mosques over coronavirus

According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, the mosques in Makkah will be opened for worshipers on June 21, after which prayers will be offered in the congregation following precautionary measures. However, prayers will continue under the current rules.

It should be noted that the Saudi Interior Ministry, like other cities, has announced a relaxation of curfew in Makkah, which will begin on May 31.

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