Haleem advises Bilawal to focus on Sindh before making hue and cry in other provinces

Haleem advises Bilawal to focus on Sindh before making hue and cry in other provinces

Larkana, July 5: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that when Bilawal held a press conference and delivered speeches in Lahore, we felt that perhaps all is well in Sindh now, but today we are here in Larkana and nothing is really changed.

According to details, Haleem Adil Sheikh along with other PTI leaders came here and paid a visit to the house of PMA Muazzam Ali Abbasi to offer condolence on demise of his father Haji Munawar Ali Abbasi.

Later, addressing a press conference in the Insaf House Larkana, flanked by Saifullah Abro, Sumair Mir Sheikh, Ali Mir Jat, Ameenullah Moosakhel, Mir Barkat Talpur, Agha Maula Bux and others, Haleem Adil said that he often visits whole Sindh and the government of Sindh wanted to stifle his voice. He said Bilawal had said to hold a debate with him and we are ready.

Haleem Adil said two days ago two children drowned while bathing and their dead bodies were shifted on motorcycles. He said billions of rupees are spent on purchase of ambulances . He asked where are these ambulances. He said the irrigation department is also affected due to coronavirus and contracts are being given in this department only to blue eyed boys. He said Khairpur is the district of an ex-chief minister of the PPP, but still logs of trees are used there to cross canals. He said in Sindh of PPP, the poor people use donkey carts as ambulance vans. He said 12 years of PPP government in Sindh are in fact 12 years of corruption, loot and plunder.

Haleem Adil said medicines of Rs 2 Crore were stolen from government hospitals of district Larkana alone. He said medicines are stolen from all government hospitals of Sindh. He said when this scam went exposed six DHOs were transferred. He said medicines of government hospitals are found from graveyards. He asked if the Sindh government also giving medical treatment to the dead.

He said in Ratodero water tank was made but no water is supplied to citizens. He said 80 percent population of Larkana drinks contaminated water. He said the rulers who are not able to give clean drinking water to people are challenging opposition for a debate. He said Sindh government has given nothing to the poor masses. However, our Captain gave Rs 2.2 billion to the poor masses of Larkana. He said the federal government has distributed Rs 60 billion in Sindh. He said it was our duty, as the poor masses has given vote to us.

He said Bilawal cannot debate with Imran Khan. We, the party workers, are ready to debate with him. He said Zardari had made a party of four provinces a party of four Divisions. He said three main hospitals of Karachi were with the federal government which were handed to Sindh after the 18th amendment. He said apex courts decided that the federal government should take control of these hospitals. He said the PPP says that it was an attack on Sindh. He said these hospitals are property of the poor people.

He said the advisor of Bilawal is the same person, who was defeated in Larkana by Muazzam Abbasi. He said to weaken economy of Pakistan, a lockdown was slapped in Sindh. He said when tax collection decreased the share of all provinces went decreased, but the PPP said that the federal government has committed a robbery. He said that 28 percent of the share of Sindh had already been released before the coronavirus. He said now they are threatening not to collect the federal taxes. He said they should read the articles 77, 141, 142 and 144 of the constitution. If they have objection they should prove their majority in national assembly and amend the constitution. He said violation of the constitution also evokes the article 6, but this is the time of forging unity and we will not talk about this.

Haleem Adil said that the Sindh rulers did corruption of billions in PPHI. This government cannot run even Taluka-level hospitals and how it could run major hospitals. He said more than 11 main healthcare facilities are given to NGOs. He said the federal government is giving kits, masks and PPEs of millions of rupees to Sindh. He said it gave Sindh ventilators but no ventilator operators are present here. He said a package of Rs 1200 billion was given to Pakistan under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program.

He advised Bilawal to correct wrongdoings in Sindh before making hue and cry in other provinces. He said the 18th amendment is a good amendment, but the PPP rulers also used it for their corruption. He said projects of billions of rupees in Sindh are in limbo. He said hospitals, schools and colleges were made after the names of the martyrs but these institution are yet to be started. He said in fact all departments in Sindh are ruined. Due to rampant corruption in Sindh the poor masses are deprived of all basic facilities, he concluded.

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