Hamas demands release of its senior leader from Israel

Lahore, 2nd June: After a ceasefire from Israel, Hamas demands the release of its senior leader.

Following the ceasefire in Gaza work is underway to maintain a ceasefire between Palestine and Israel which includes a prisoner exchange agreement and economic and political clauses.

Egypt is very active in this regard and is playing a key role in bringing peace between the two countries.

Hamas has demanded the transfer of prisoners, including the inclusion of Marwan Al-Barghouti in the preliminary list. However, Israel has reservations in this matter.

Hamas has also demanded assurances that no harm will be done to the released prisoners if a deal is reached.

Hamas has demanded a sea route to Gaza, but Israel has rejected it.

According to reports, Cairo has invited Palestinian groups to the talks and the agreement. The agreement also includes the settlement of jew settlers and the prevention of forced Palestinian emigration.

Egypt will sign the agreement as a central party. Egypt’s security chief made an emergency visit to Gaza to hold talks with all parties and stakeholders.

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