Relief for people, NEPRA reduces the unit price of electricity

Lahore, 2nd June: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has reduced the unit price of electricity.

According to details, the National Electric Power and Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has reduced the unit price of electricity by 44 paise.

Consumers will get relief of more than Rs 4.40 billion due to cheaper electricity. It is also proposed to conduct a specialized audit to improve the working of CPPA.

Chairman NEPRA said that load shedding occurs where the feeder losses are high. We have directed not to do load shedding but the government has to do it.

A monthly reporting system has been developed in collaboration with the Ministry on revolving loans. Hence, a monthly report on revolving credit is being prepared.

It may be recalled that CPPA had requested a reduction of 86 paise per unit. However, due to the clearing of previous arrears, consumers could not get relief of 43 paise more.

Officials said that LNG shortages cost Rs 65.5 million. According to NEPRA officials, there was an abundance of LNG but it was not used.

Less operation of better capacity plants resulted in an additional burden of Rs. 149.3 million.

It may be recalled that on May 22, the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) had requested NEPRA to reduce electricity prices by 84 paise per unit.

The petition said that the production cost of electricity was Rs 5.76 per unit in April while the pre-production cost of electricity in April was Rs 6.60 per unit.

NEPRA said that the request was made in the context of April’s fuel adjustment, NEPRA will decide on June 2 to reduce electricity.

Earlier on May 7, NEPRA had approved a reduction of 64 paise per unit in the March monthly fuel charges adjustment and said that the reduction in electricity prices would be applicable only to May bills.

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