Hamid Mir says he did not apologize to Geo TV or anyone else

Lahore, 9th June: Geo News anchor and journalist Hamid Mir says he has ‘not apologized’ to Geo’s management or anyone else.

Hamid Mir said that the statement attributed to him is an explanatory statement made solely by selected journalist organizations for the committee formed.

He added, “I did not apologize, it was an explanatory statement issued to the press organizations.”

I have been repeatedly asked by the committee not to issue any explanation to the Geo management but to give us an explanation so that we can defend you in court, he further said.

Hamid Mir explained that after a three-day meeting, the committee, along with lawyers, issued the ‘explanatory statement’.

His statement read, “There is no amnesty in this explanatory statement and my view is that those who attacked journalists should be arrested and legislation should be enacted to protect journalists.”

“I must say that I apologize if anyone has been hurt or emotionally wounded,” he said.

It is to be noted that renowned anchorperson Hamid Mir had offered an apology on Wednesday after he made a recent speech at a protest against attacks on journalists. He said he had no intention to defame Pakistan Army.

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