Hamid Mir’s hypocritical stance on Cynthia and Gulali exposed: Maleeha Hashmi

Leading social media activist, journalist, analyst Maleeha Hashmi has said that Hamid Mir’s hypocritical stance on the issue of Cynthia and Galali has been exposed, according to Baaghi TV.

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Tweeting on social networking site Twitter, Maleeha Hashmi said that Hamid Mir Sahib had said at the time of Ayesha Gullai’s issue that, “I have seen the messages that Imran Khan sent to Gulalai (which neither he, nor Gulalai have provided till today).

Maleeha Hashmi further said that Cynthia Richie is right or wrong but, on her more serious allegations, Mir Sahib’s reaction is visible.

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Maleeha Hashmi also shared a video of Hamid Mir on Twitter, in which Hamid Mir said that the issue of Cynthia Richie is not such an important issue that we should leave the issue of Coronavirus, petrol shortage and start talking about it. Elsewhere, Hamid Mir said that an American woman should not give so much importance to the Pakistani media.

On the allegations leveled against Imran Khan by Ayesha Gulali, Hamid Mir called Ayesha Gulali to the studio and did a program.

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Hamid Mir added that there should be an investigation. I don’t know if she’s a female journalist, or a businessman, or a filmmaker, no one knows. She is turning the blame on every other political party in Pakistan.

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On Ayesha Gulali’s message, Hamid Mir said that it is wrong to reject it saying that there should be no inquiry. It is a serious matter, the allegations against Imran Khan are not going to stop.

On Cynthia’s case, Hamid Mir said that Pakistan’s media has come in a honey trap. Whether it is a journalist or a politician, when such allegations come up, there should be an inquiry, how will the women of this country come to work in practical life.

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It should be noted that Cynthia Richie, an American woman blogger based in Pakistan, has leveled serious allegations against the top leadership of the PPP. In her video message, Cynthia Richie accused Senator Rehman Malik of abusing her, saying the incident happened to her in 2011, when he was the federal interior minister.

Cynthia Ritchie also claimed in her video that former health minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin had also abused her. Former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani intervened with her while he was in the Presidency.

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Cynthia has been exposing the PPP for several days. PPP officials have also submitted petitions against the American woman to the FIA ​​and DG ISI. Senator Rehman Malik, Senator Sehar Kamran are active in this regard. However, Cynthia is making new revelations every day with reference to the People’s Party.

Earlier, the PPP had filed a petition against Cynthia Richie, a foreign woman active on social media, in the cyber crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The petition was filed by Cynthia Richie for making insulting and slanderous tweets against former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

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The complaint, filed by Shakeel Abbasi, president of the PPP Islamabad and an advocate in the High Court, alleges that a woman, known on Twitter as Cynthia D. Richie, used her Twitter account to refer to Benazir Bhutto and has posted extremely insulting and pointless comments about the former PM.

The petition states that her false, baseless, defamatory and slanderous tweets have caused great pain and suffering to Benazir Bhutto’s fans in Pakistan. He called on the FIA ​​to take immediate legal action against Cynthia Richie.

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The issue began when Cynthia posted a comment on Twitter about viral videos of violence against actress Azmi Khan in Pakistan for the past 48 hours. She wrote that it reminded her of the stories of what Bibi (Benazir) used to do when her husband cheated on her. He claimed that Benazir used her guards to rape women “who had an alleged relationship with Zardari”.

In her tweet, Cynthia added that why don’t women oppose such a culture of rape? Why are men never held accountable? Where is the justice system.

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Following Cynthia’s tweet, PPP leaders have expressed outrage and submitted a petition to the FIA.

Reacting to the FIA’s request against her, Cynthia said on Twitter that she would also take action on death threats made to her by so-called PPP democrats.

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