Hareem Shah and Mufti Qavi come out with contradictory statements

Lahore, 19th January: Tik Tok star Hareem Shah carries an agenda of her own while playing with the lives of famous personalities of the country.

Baaghi TV: The controversial TikTok star says that she will continue to expose people who are hypocrites and those who guise themselves as respected people.

Shah spoke a day after a video had gone viral on social media of a woman slapping Ruet-e-Hilal Committee member Mufti Abdul Qavi.

In the video, it can be clearly seen that the Mufti is sitting on a bed and using his mobile phone when a red-dressed woman gives him a scare by slapping him across the face.

Baaghi TV had reported on Monday that the woman in red dress was Hareem Shah, but now it has been revealed that it was her cousin Ayesha who slapped the Mufti, while Shah made the video.

Hareem Shah slaps Mufti Abdul Qavi: Video Inside

Making a shocking revelation to the Geo News, Shah said, “When Mufti Qavi physically harassed me, he hit me with shoes.” She also said that he used to talk to her from time to time.

Shah disclosed she had invited Mufti Qavi to shoot for a TV programme in Karachi and that she had borne all his travel and accommodation expenses.

Talking to Samaa TV, Shah also said that she was annoyed by inappropriate statements made by Mufti Qavi to her and her friend.

She said, “I have no regrets. If men like him are punished, there will be no rape in Pakistan.”

On the other hand, according to Mufti Qavi’s statement to Geo News, he has disclosed that he and Hareem Shah were invited to shoot for a TV programme in Karachi.

He said, “I was using my mobile phone in the hotel room when Shah suddenly came into the room and slapped me. She then left.”

He has claimed he was unaware why the Tik Tok star Hareem Shah slapped him.

This new norm of getting fame in a short period of time should be condemned!

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV to read further revelations in this story!

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