Head of ISI meets PM Imran Khan, discusses Key Issues

Lt Gen Faiz Hameed, head of the National Security Agency, ISI, has met with Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in which professional affairs were discussed.

According to the report, Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed has recently been elected ISI’s new head during high-level change in Pak Army. Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, the nominated ISI officer, will take place of Lt Gen Asim Munir, who was holding this poistion for eight months. Lieutenant General Asim Munir was handed over this responsibility in October 2018 and now he has been appointed as a core commander Gujranwala.

ISI chief General Faiz Hameed was promoted at the post of Lt Gen General in April this year and before deploying DGISI he was ranked as the Adjutant General at the GHQ. This was Lt Gen Faiz Hameed first meeting with PM Imran khan after taking over the rank of ISI head,. This meeting seemed an important meeting.

Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated Lt Gen Faiz Hameed on becoming the head of ISI.

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