Heated spat between Maryam Nawaz and a famous anchor


Lahore, 23rd September: Today an exchange of harsh words were crossed between two important female personalities of Pakistan.

According to Baaghi TV reports, a bitter clash of words took place between the PML-N leader and a famous TV anchor and journalist.

Reportedly, famous journalist Gharidah Farooqi was hit back by Maryam Nawaz on Twitter today after she criticized the PML-N leader.

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Earlier today, Gharidah Farooqi shared on her Twitter account that Maryam Nawaz openly opposed the visit of Shehbaz Sharif and others to the ISI mess.

She also shared, “While Ahsan Iqbal Sahib said in our program yesterday that there is no problem in this, it happens all over the world.”

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Farooqi’s tweet came after Maryam Nawaz gave a statement that the political leaders should come to the parliament to discuss the political issues.

To Farooqi’s tweet, PML-N leader and daughter of former Prime Minister of Pakistan gave a harsh reply and wrote, “Do not try to act smart and play nasty. I gave a principled statement which is in line with what our constitution says.”

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She further condemned that the journalist should not twist the words and make it sound like it was directed at our party president or any specific member.

The anchor was quick enough to respond to Maryam Nawaz’s tweet and said that Maryam Nawaz should not attack journalists for telling what fact says.

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She wrote, “No, Maryam Sahiba, this is exactly what your statement says & means in all entirety. You were questioned about “all and everyone” & you responded about “all and everyone” including all members of PMLN.”

Farooqi also replied:

She asked the party leader if she believed her party president & other PML-N members did right by going to ISI Mess for meeting on GB?

She wrote, “Hopefully I’ll get an answer to my question and it won’t be attacked as ‘nasty play’.”

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According to reports from the journalist, after an hour of the heated exchange of tweets with the powerful leader she had been attacked by messages from various PML-N accounts all followed by Maryam Nawaz and her party.

Farooqi protested that now journalists are not safe to just do or say anything in the country.

The journalist and media personalities stood with the anchor and supported her condemning Maryam Nawaz and her nasty comment.

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