Hezbollah Claims Responsibility for Rocket Attack on Israel

Hezbollah Claims Responsibility for Rocket Attack on Israel

Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for this morning’s rocket attack on Israel, saying it launched dozens of missiles toward Israeli-occupied Shebaa farms in retaliation for Israeli airstrikes on southern Lebanon.

According to the details, Israel is under attack as rockets are being fired from Lebanon into Israel‘s northern border with Lebanon and Syria. The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah claims responsibility for the rocket attack on Israel saying it fired “dozens of 122mm rockets“.

“At 11:15 a.m. this Friday, in response to the Israeli air strikes on open lands in the al-Jarmaq and al-Shawakir areas last Thursday night, the groups of the martyr Ali Kamel Mohsen and the martyr Muhammad Qasim Tahan in the Islamic Resistance [responded] by shelling open lands in the vicinity of the Israeli occupation sites in the Shebaa Farms with dozens of 122mm rockets,” claimed the Lebanese militant group.

However, the Lebanese media is now claiming that Israel is responding to the rockets attack with shelling South Lebanon.

A high level Lebanese source says the Lebanese Army has captured the rocket launcher that was used in the latest attack on Israel, according to media reports.

Moreover, the Israel Prime Minister Naftaly Bennett will hold an emergency meeting with Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officials, following the rocket attack from Lebanon.

Israel launches air strikes on rocket launch sites in southern Lebanon

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) alleged the state of Lebanon was responsible for the shelling and warned “against further attempts to harm Israeli civilians and Israel’s sovereignty”. Several incidents leading up to this week’s rocket fire from Lebanon have focused attention on Israel’s northern border, and the United States (US) swiftly condemned the attacks on Israel.

The Lebanese military reported 92 artillery shells were fired by Israel on Lebanese villages as a result of the rocket fire from Lebanon. It said the Israeli artillery shelling resulted in a fire in the village of Rashaya al-Fukhar.

In a statement, the Lebanese army also said it was conducting patrols in the border region and had set up a number of checkpoints and opened an investigation to determine the source of the rocket fire.

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