High-flight of dollar is due to Khan’s incompetent government: PMLN leadership

Lahore: The high-flying dollar is due to Khan’s incompetent government as foreign direct investment was suspended during his rule. 
Imran Khan is still living in 2018. He is the one who has destroyed the economy.
Pakistan has been ruled for the last 12 years.
Should the judge, clerk and the government not be neutral. They have actually ruled the country for the twelve years ruined the economy.
These views were expressed by PML-N leaders Awais Leghari, Rana Mashood while talking to reporters.

Awais Leghari said that  the high-flying dollar is due to Khan’s incompetent government as foreign direct investment was suspended during his rule.

He said that Imran Khan says that if he gets majority then he will blow up the mafia. Which mafia did he blow up in the last four years?
He said that the Establishment had not agreed to remove Usman Bazdar.
Owais Leghari said that Punjab was ruled by Imran Niazi and he was ruling the country for the last four years and today there are piles of dirt all over the province.
He alleged that Imran Khan filled the ghost employees as much as possible while one hundred and two employees could not be employed in the irrigation department.
Rana Mashhood said that Imran Khan started his politics and mentioned tsunami which means only catastrophe.
 He said that the election of two thousand and eighteen was stolen and put in the swing of Imran Khan and in four and a half years Imran Khan destroyed the institutions.
He said that this woman is not Gogi but Goga group and they deliberately want to create chaos in the society and create an environment in Pakistan where people fight among themselves.
He said that they have tied the PMLN up by signing an agreement with IMF. If there is such moral courage then why the President does not resign. Pakistan weakened and their bank balances increased . Today you keep taking the most expensive LNG in the world. You continue to do all this to create instability in the society. The writ of the state will be observed. Everyone has the right to hold meetings and processions but under the guise of this we will not allow the Constitution to be harmed.
As soon as the cabinet is formed, the results will start coming before the people. Hamza Shahbaz wants to make Punjab prosperous again. He is working day and night. Pervez Elahi has drowned the raft of politics all his life. It is better for Pervez Elahi to resign and go home. Pakistan has a joint government and we want free and fair elections. All decisions will be made with allies, he added.