Hindus have started throwing their gods on streets


New Delhi: Hindus are angry with their gods claiming they couldnt save them from Corona virus. They are now throwing their gods on the rubbish heaps and piles of garbage.

According to sources, Indian deities were worshiped in the streets of India, with idols of their choice adorned at every door, but since the Corona has wreaked havoc, Hindus have are starting to hate them.

According to sources from New Delhi, India is devastated from Corona and when the Hindus sought help from their gods in this regard, neither the idols could help nor save them from Corona.

Meanwhile in India, when people saw that people were dying but their gods did not care, they became disillusioned and then hated so much that they pushed them away with big cranes and threw them on the rubbish heaps.

The world is also shocked to see this scenario. On the other hand, it is also known that a large number of Hindus are becoming Muslims and hatred against idols has become so great that they have started campaigns all over India to get them out of Kogli palaces.