Hollywood actress Jessica Alba’s Twitter account Hacked

American actress Jessica Alba’s Twitter account appeared to be hacked over the weekend, according to the reports and screenshots by other Twitter users.

Hateful and prejudiced tweets from actress Jessica Alba’s account were reported by other users. Messages posted to the Honest Co. founder’s account included one that read, “Nazi Germany Did Nothing Wrong And That’s On God N–a.”

Another read, “ugh police sirens in the distance again. When will n–s stop committing crimes so I can get some f–king sleep.”

The tweets went public for a very little time but it was enough to leave the followers baffled. her team managed to remove racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic and other offensive tweets but many of them have been screenshot and floated in the social media platforms.

According to media reports, the latest real tweet from Alba was posted on July 20, in which she sent out an Instagram photo of night at dinner with her husband and friends.
Whatever was posted on July 27-28 was posted by the hacker, reports said.

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