Horrifying Animal-like Creature Terrifies Traders in Karachi

Karachi (20th July, 2019): Strange animal-like  creature spotted terrifying Karachi residents in Shershah Kabari Market.

According to Samaa, The Shershah market which is popularly known for a hub of scrapped goods in South Asia, has become a “haunted site”. Recently, there has been a mysterious sighting of an “out of the world creature” at the market which has terrified the traders in Karachi, who ave decided to close their shops earlier than they did before.

Samaa has further reported that this started approximately eight days ago when a local on-duty guard, Gulzar heard the barking of dogs. Upon investigating he noticed a “strange creature” that left him feeling sensations of fear. He commented that the creature was black with eyes as bright as a torchlight. He continued to say that in the last 25 years of him working as a watchman, he has “never seen anything like that before”. A similar incident occurred with the watchman, Abdul Qayyum, who was on-duty the next day. He mentioned that he noticed the creature when he was taking a round of the area.

Based on the accounts of the 2 guards, it was confirmed by Samaa that the animal-like creature has killed nearly 11 goats at the warehouse. Some have claimed that it is almost five feet tall and can jump up to approximately 20 feet. It has also been reported that traders have approached the Jahanabad police for further investigation into the matter.

A police official has stated that they are looking into the sightings of such a creature.

Moreover, according to Baaghi TV’s reports, the creature is supposed to be a Chupacabra, a native of America and Russia.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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