Hospital in Dubai waived off Rs 1.52 crore coronavirus bill on humanitarian grounds

A hospital in Dubai waived the bill of Rs 1.52 crore in the Indian currency of a Covid-19 patient from Telangana(India) on humanitarian grounds and discharged him from hospital after 80 days of treatment without charging him a penny.

Odnala Rajesh, 42, of Corona-affected was living in Dubai to earn a living.

Rajesh was severely affected by Corona and was admitted to a hospital in Dubai on April 23. After treatment at the hospital, Rajesh’s condition improved and he was later declared healthy. But the bill charged by the hospital for this treatment was about 7,62,555 Dirhams (Rs 1.52 crore). Laborer Rajesh was not able to pay such a large amount.

Gundelli Narasimha, president of Gulf Workers Protection Society in Dubai, who had been in touch with Rajesh throughout the course of his treatment, came to know that he had no resources to pay the bill. He brought the matter to the attention of Sumanth Reddy, an Indian Consulate volunteer in Dubai.

Sumath and another volunteer Ashok Kotecha of BAPS Swaminarayan Trust then requested Harjeet Singh, Consul (Labour) at the office of Consulate General of India in Dubai for his intervention. Singh, on his part, wrote a letter to the management of Dubai Hospital requesting them to waive off the bill on ‘humanitarian grounds’. The hospital responded positively and discharged the patient immediately.

Notably, Rajesh along with an escort Dyavara Kankaiah was arranged free flight tickets by Ashoka Kotecha, who also gave him Rs 10,000 for other expenses.


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