How can you tell if your Facebook data has been leaked or not?

Few months ago, it was revealed that the information of 500 million Facebook users from 106 countries had been leaked.

Phone numbers, names, home locations, email addresses, and other personal information were released on the Internet by hackers.

According to media sources, the Facebook data that was released also included Mark Zuckerberg’s phone numbers.

Experts estimate that the database contains information from around 53 million Facebook users in 106 countries, including 30 million Americans, 11 million Britons, and 7 million Australians.

In this regard, Facebook claims that the compromised data is part of the 2019 data leak operation; nonetheless, Privacy Monitoring is monitoring the released data.

The hacked material, according to media reports, is publicly available on the Hackers Forum.

Why is it risky to leak?
As a social media user, you must first comprehend the risks of data leaks and how leaked data might be exploited.

The most significant point to note in this regard is that this leaked data is most commonly utilised in telemarketing; based on this data, a bank account in your name can be opened, and the user’s Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Twitter accounts can be hacked.

So, let’s see if we can figure out how to see if your account has been compromised.

According to Troy Hunt, the company’s owner and cybersecurity specialist, 500 million mobile phone numbers have been hacked, while a few million addresses have been compromised without every user having access to all kinds of information.

When news of Facebook’s data thefts went viral, Troy Hunt’s website experienced “exceptional traffic,” he added.

You will be presented with an input box. Here’s where you’ll put your phone number in international format.

If your phone number is 6754387690, for example, type 916754387690+.

If you receive a ‘good news’ message, it implies that your phone number was not included in the Facebook data breach, but if you receive a ‘oh no’ message, it means that your ID and phone number have been compromised.

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