How long till Nawaz Sharif will be in a Pakistani jail? Historic announcement made

According to a report by Baaghi TV, Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz while addressing a press conference said that Nawaz Sharif will be in a Pakistani jail by January 15th. We will get back the money from Nawaz Sharif, which he looted from the poor.

Shibli Faraz stated that Ishaq Dar was Nawaz Sharif’s facilitator in this corruption. Legally and diplomatically, we are in touch with the British government. There is no agreement with the British government to bring back Nawaz Sharif.

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Shibli Faraz further said that everyone saw the footage of the Karachi incident and Captain (R.) Safdar went to the car with great satisfaction and calmness. Their descriptions in the rooms are separate and distinct from their descriptions of the arrest, outside. A game is being played between the PPP and the PML-N. PPP has confined itself to Sindh and the Sindh government is lying.

Shibli Faraz further said that Captain (R.) Safdar was given protocol by the police and there was no anger on his face. We will wait for more footage. From today’s talk by Maryam Nawaz, it seemed that she is a bit upset. There was also a contradiction in her statements today. Even today, Maryam Nawaz, mentioned the sanctity of the veil and the four walls. Maryam Nawaz did not remember the sanctity of the veil and the wall around the treatment of women in the Model Town incident.

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Shibli Faraz further said that I think Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto took revenge of his mother. My son says why Baba answers them, they are liars. There is no connection between the statements of Sindh government and PML-N. The PML-N leaders and their former ministers, all are NAB-hit, they chant the slogan “Respect the vote”. When it came to bringing Nawaz Sharif back, they turned their guns on the state institutions. The government is talking about leaving in January, but not specifying a year.

Shibli Faraz further said that the meetings did not go as expected, so dirty tactics were used. They lie on their court days, they consider themselves to be the royal family. Ahsan Iqbal, Shahid Khaqan, Khawaja Asif, Rana Sanaullah are NAB affected. They shot down pictures of Benazir Bhutto from helicopters, are also becoming part of the Muslim League, and are being pulled.

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Clearly, Nawaz Sharif went to London for treatment. After the arrival of the corona virus, Nawaz Sharif’s treatment, personal physicians are also silent. No news is being given about the fluctuations of Nawaz Sharif’s platelets. Opposition leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif, family members and Dr. Adnan are also silent on Nawaz Sharif’s health.

Shehbaz Sharif also went to London with Nawaz Sharif but he has returned after the spread of Corona virus. Shehbaz Sharif is criticizing the government on a daily basis with reference to Corona virus, but he is also silent about Nawaz Sharif’s health. Nawaz Sharif is sitting in London and speaking against the institutions and addressing the PDM meetings.

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