How the PCB Facilitated Misbah by Adjusting the Job Criteria?

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Human Resource (HR) policy showed favouritism with the appointment of the Head Coach. In the vacancy section of the PCB there are two very interesting positions as Head Coach from 2019.

The first job description criteria has an applicant must have a level 3 coaching certificate  and the adjusted format to facilitate Misbah ul Haq changes the criteria as level 2 coaching certificate. Let us review a few facts and time lines in how Misbah was facilitated by the PCB.

First of all Level 2 coaching course which Misbah ul haq is qualified in is not an  adequate qualification for any international Head Coach. This coaching course is best suited for junior representative teams as well as club cricket. Due to its limitations no level 3 coach has ever secured a head coach role in any country. Why? 

The reason why most coaches at the international arena are qualified as Level 3 coaches is due to its in-depth cricketing and game education hence the course is called (High performance coach accreditation). The High performance level 3 coach is recommended to have 3 years of coaching experience as a practising level 2 coach, work with high performance  junior teams, work with athletes at junior or state level.

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The program is facilitated over a 12 month period and  the syllabus includes deep insights into the following:

  • Coaching philosophy
  • Coaching approach
  • Communication
  • Talent management
  • Leading the game
  • Advanced skill acquisition
  • Biomechanics
  • Game strategies
  • and game sense, skill testing evaluation and analysis to name a few.

This ensures anyone applying for a Head Coach position at the international level is fully equipped with the above to serve their teams as the best possible version of them selves as a coach.

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What is Misbah’s qualification as a coach?

Misbah has a level 2 qualification as a coach. This course in most countries would secure a coach club level assignment given its syllabus is very basic to intermediate and does NOT include High performance skill development. The thing which raised an eye brow is the timing of the course in which Misbah ul haq was enrolled.

Given that he took part in the course at the National Cricket Academy on 26 may 2019 and he was appointed as the head coach of the National team on the 4th of September 2019 one can see the favouritism from every angle. 

Here are a few points on the unfair appointment of the Head Coach:

  1. Has only completed level 2 coaching course 4 months prior to being appointed.
  2. Has NOT completed the level 3 High Performance course which is the benchmark for all the international coaches.
  3. The PCB had previously advertised the head coach position with the level 3 accreditation criteria.
  4. The PCB changed the criteria to level 2 coaching accreditation for the Head Coach vacancy advertised in 2019.
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Why did the PCB change the job criteria?

In order to get a level coaching accreditation Misbah would have had to coach in the youth and club teams  as well as spend another 1 year in getting qualified as a Level 3 coach. Hence the change in the job criteria.

Why has Misbah failed so far?

Coaching is a profession and an art. Many coaches and trainer’s like the great Muhammad Alis coach Angelo Dundee never fought professionally, John Buchanan who coached Australia to 2 world cups never played cricket professionally just like the current coaches Mike Hesson and Paddy Upton.

PCB needs to understand with changing criteria on one of the most important positions in the cricket system they have not  only let themselves down but also the 220 million cricket loving nation who at one time was a major stake holder in world cricket through some brilliant cricket.

I leave this on a little note to the PCB, that it is probably the only cricket board where job description criteria for a Head Coach is level 2 accreditation and the spin bowling consultant who is below the head coach has a criteria for a level 3 accreditation according to the PCB website.

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