Why the word PARCHI is a wrong concept

Why the word PARCHI is a wrong concept

The term Parchi is very misused in the subcontinent. Players are often labeled as (pirchi) or talked about having a strong financial and influential backing that has got them to play for their respective countries. However, this is far away from the actual ground reality of this glorious game of uncertainties.

In order to be rewarded with a Test or International honors, a player has to overcome many obstacles and pressures that require mental, physical, tactical, technical, and biomechanical aspects of the game. Any player that lacks one of these key pillars of success at the international level usually finds themselves stopped at either club or first-class cricket.

Statistics around the world of registered club cricketers suggest players that have achieved a professional first-class cricket or higher levels is 15 percent meaning 85 percent of registered players at club level do not excel to a professional level.

So how far does the parchi take a player?

In order to reach the international level, a cricketer needs to excel at school, club, inter-regional, interstate state, under 17 under 19, High-performance camps, the A-team tours, and finally Test or One day cap is rewarded for a player with the highest level of skill.

With all the steps above a player with a non-cricketing reason (parchi)  to excel through the way of influence usually fails within the interstate level through their lack of Technical and Tactical deficiencies in their game and they Do NOT excel any further.

A player who excels towards the top is first of all usually scouted by the solid technical and tactical aspects of their game. These two aspects are the backbone of any player make-up. However, as players excel in their careers through the under 19 and High-performance camps their Mental and physical aspects of the game are worked by professional sports psychologists and sports scientists as well as biomechanists.

For any athlete achieving and excelling at the highest level of representing their country requires hours of on and off-field Athletic Development process as well as many barriers and obstacles a player faces day in day out.

There have been very few players who have dominated on the international stage but who have failed to play under 19s for their countries. A player should know by this stage whether to pursue a career as a professional or to review their future in another profession.

There is a famous saying “non-cricketing backing might take a player to the trial nets however, no influence can get a player selected”.

Cricket has witnessed many players like Imran Khan who did not possess a great level of natural talent however with patience and perseverance they reached the highest level and recorded themselves in the record books.

Whether a player has an influential backing or a strong parchi rest assured talent and skill will always outdo any influence.

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