‘Hubie Halloween’: An insight into a toxic American society

12th October 2020: The 2020 comedy movie ‘Hubie Halloween’ starring Adam Sandler who plays the titular role of Hubie holds a beautiful message in its plot.

The story unravels on the 31st of October in Salem, Massachusetts, where the town’s eccentric community volunteer, who is severely bullied by the people of the town, finds himself in an actual investigation of a murderer.

The seemingly simple plot of this movie holds a deeper and more serious message, as it highlights the toxic traits of American society. Through the story of scare-easy, underdog Hubie Dubois, we get an insight into the bullies present in society and how they prey upon innocent, nice people like Hubie.

Throughout the movie, Hubie is called names, has sharp objects thrown at him, and is the target of several humiliating public pranks. He is disliked by everyone in the town, from the kids to the elderly, no one really acknowledges his good nature and kind spirit.

However, the protagonist takes it all in stride and still continues to dutifully serve his community in any way possible.

Towards the end, as he rescues his bullies from the murderer, they open up to explain why they bullied him and the audience gets an insight into the mindset of those bullies.

They admit that they bullied Hubie because he was a nicer person than them and they were simply jealous of him, or perhaps insecure about themselves.

The film deals with the major issue of bullying in American society, that needs to be curbed.

Initially, one may feel repelled by his persona, but by the end of the movie, you get attached to Adam’s character. People who are not his fans may find him unappealing but if we come to think of it, there would be no other better choice for an actor to play the role of Hubie other than Adam Sandler.

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