HUM TV endorses Hindi on public television?

Lahore, 15th October: Pakistani drama ‘Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida’ has been reported of displaying religious Ashloks of Hindus in Sanskrit.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, famous drama ‘Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida’ that was on air on Hum TV last night gave us a glimpse of the Hindi language.

Something very strange came to the notice of Baaghi TV about the recent ongoing drama of Hum TV. The drama that aired it’s 18th episode on television last night, gave us a peek of the Sanskrit language in one of the scene.

The female lead of the drama, Sonya Hussain was shown wearing a robe-like dress that had the religious Ashloks of Hindus in Sanskrit imprinted on it.

It is indeed quite odd to see the Hindi words printed on her dress. Why would such a mistake be made on national TV?

You can see for yourself the dress worn by Sonya Hussain has Sanskrit dialect imprinted on it:

If the actress was made to wear such a robe, then why didn’t it get noticed by the director or producer of the show?

India, on the other hand, prohibits displaying anything related to Muslims, and here we are wearing a dress made out of Hindi Sanskrit words.

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Baaghi TV also reported some time earlier how the famous Indian jewellery brand Tanishq had to take off its new advert that showed Hindu-Muslim intermarriage after the outrage by the public.

If the Indians are not willing to showcase anything connected to Muslims then we should also be careful for not promoting anything that means Indian.

What is Hum TV trying to do? Is it trying to please its neighbours by displeasing the audience here? Our question needs to be answered by the Hum TV media heads!

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