Human Blood, Bible verse, Symbol of Satanism- All in one ‘Satan Shoes’

Famous rapper Lil Nas X recently launched a music video for his song ‘Montero’ in which he wore shoes by Nike but customized by MSCHF.

These special shoes have been the talk of the town as they contain a pentagram which is a symbol of satanism, human blood in its sole and a bible verse Luke 10:18.

The shoes were sold out for $1,018 within seconds.

Nike isn’t happy with this display and sale of their shoes and are now suing MSCHF for turning them into satan shoes and for their copyrights infringement. They are demanding MSCHF to stop the sale of these shoes immediately as they are a display of satanism which can cause confusion in the market.



Lil Nas X has not yet said anything about this controversy. His music video also features dancing with the devil and then becoming one himself. He has been tweeting jokes against the lawsuit filed by Nike.



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