Humayun saeed praises Ertugrul Ghazi actor “Engin Altan”


Wednesday, Aug 19th: Humayun Saeed, the superstar of Pakistan showbiz industry, says that he has seen the city of Afaq Turk series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ based on the Islamic conquests of Muslims only because of the best performance of Engin Altan.

Yesterday, Engin Altan met his 3 critically ill Make A Wish fans in Pakistan through Facebook live video link. The event was hosted by Ayesha Omar in Karachi. While Humayun Saeed and many other well-known people were also present. During the event, Humayun Saeed also spoke to Turkish actor Engin Altan via video link.

Speaking to Engin Altan, Humayun Saeed praised him for his acting skills and said that he has seen all the episodes of Ertugrul and it is because of Engin Altan that he is very impressed. He praised all the fighting and action scenes in the play and said that he played the role of Ertugrul in the best way.

Expressing his desire to meet him soon, Humayun Saeed said that he will meet him soon, God willing. “I am very happy with the love I have for Pakistan, while Ertugrul’s role was very difficult, but it was also great,” said Engin Altan.

He added that he will be coming to Pakistan soon to meet the fans, while Ayesha Omar said that Turkish actors may come to Pakistan next month.

It may be recalled that the event was organized by Make A Wish for 3 critically ill children to meet their favorite actor – Make a Wish Pakistan, a charity organization affiliated with Make A Wish Foundation International, which wishes the critically ill children well. Dedicated to fulfillment.

It should be noted that after being aired in many countries of the world, it is now being aired on Pakistan Television (PTV) from the 1st of Ramadan on the instructions of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and its season 1 is running while its overall there are 5 seasons.

The story of the first season depicts the thirteenth century, and the Qai tribe finds a new destination to escape the Mongol invasions, for which Ertugrul, the son of the chief of the tribe, goes ahead and plays a role.

The city of Afaq, based on Islamic conquests, is a masterpiece drama in terms of its story, preparation and acting. Its production, its plot and acting are all brilliant. This drama tells the story of such a nomadic tribe. Which is the target of Mongols and Crusaders along with the severity of the seasons.

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