Hundreds of Israeli warplanes hit Gaza in a short span of time

Lahore, 14th May: Israel is further intensifying violent atrocities against Palestine in Gaza.

According to the latest reports, 160 Israeli warplanes have hit Gaza in just 40 minutes.

The Israeli Defense Minister has claimed in a statement that 160 warplanes of the Zionist regime have hit several places in the northern part of Gaza in just 40 minutes.

The Israeli government’s war minister, who has killed innocent children, called the operation the deadliest in recent days and said the damage was being assessed.

Baaghi TV reported earlier that in addition to airstrikes, Israeli troops have also launched ground attacks with the help of tanks and artillery.

Al Jazeera reports that the latest attacks have killed 119 Palestinians so far, most of them children and women.

According to reports pouring in, 621 people have been injured after Israeli atrocities in Palestine. Among 109 martyred, at least 28 are children and 15 are women.

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