Husband plots wife’s murder to marry another woman

Cairo: In Egypt, a husband brutally murdered his wife by cutting her into pieces, as he wanted a second marriage.

According to a report of a foreign news agency, in a village of Dakahlia Governorate in the north of Cairo, the ruthless husband had his wife killed by an employee. The accused wanted a second marriage.

Ayman Adil, who was 20, member of the Faculty of Arts, married the man and dreamed of starting a family, but the dream was shattered when she was found dead in a house in Mitt Antar village after the marriage. Ayman was the mother of a 9 months old baby.

The tragedy occurred when police received a report from a man who said a woman’s body had been found inside the house, so they rushed to the scene for questioning.

CCTV footage revealed that a man wearing a niqab (veil), covering his entire face and body, reached the victim’s residence and then left shortly afterwards. Later it was known that the killer’s name was Ahmad and was an employee at Ayman’s husband’s clothing store.

Ayman Adil’s husband planned to get his wife involved in an illegal affair by proving his wife’s misconduct through an employee and arranged another marriage.

But his evil plan failed when Ayman shouted and defended herself, which frightened Ahmed and killed her in front of an innocent child.

Egypt’s public prosecutor said in a statement that the court ordered the arrest of the husband and his co-worker on charges of murdering his wife after presenting a rape case, which led to Ayman’s death.The accused have not been convicted yet.

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