‘I am a helpless daughter who is not there to support her mother’, Hina Khan

Indian actress Hina Khan, who recently lost her father to the corona virus, has shared some pictures of herself in quarantine, on social media website Instagram, in which she is looking out of the window wearing a face mask.

“I am a helpless daughter” because “I am not with her to comfort my mother,” she wrote. The actress wrote that during this time, my mother needs me the most but unfortunately, I am not with her.

She wrote that this time is not only difficult for us but also very painful for people all over the world. Hina Khan added there’s a saying that tough times don’t last, only tough people.

The actress said that people call me strong and I am, I will always be my father’s strong daughter. She appealed to the fans to pray for her speedy recovery.

It is believed that Hina Khan also contracted the corona virus and quarantined herself after testing positive.


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