IBCC takes decision for the grading of O & A Levels

Lahore, 26th June: Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), a body that grants equivalence to foreign qualifications with corresponding Pakistani Certificates, has decided to temporarily shelve the rule of 15% marks deduction of all O & A level students who intend to study in Pakistan’s institutions.

Sometimes seen as discrimination against students in Pakistan who choose to take foreign education when it comes to converting their grades to locally accepted FSC or Matric numbers as 15% of their grade is deducted.

This year, however, because no student could sit and give the exams due to the prevailing pandemic crisis globally, the government has said that it will not decrease their grades and mark them fairly.

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All medical colleges use the ‘equivalence’ to admit students in their university which is why students who have done A levels in Pakistan have to score exceptionally well to get in the university and it becomes 15% harder for them to get an admission there as compared to those who have to give FSC exams.

On the contrary, students who apply to business, or humanity schools don’t have to go through all the trouble as well-known universities such as LUMS and IBA use the A-level certificate or the SAT score to give admissions to these students while the equivalence is just a formality.

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Later, CAIE announced that it would mark the students for the May-June exams based on a 4-step process that combines evidence provided by schools with the evidence at its disposal.

Having taken the decision, IBCC has asked all foreign examination conducting bodies, including CAIE, the International Baccalaureate (IB), and the American System of Education, to furnish the record of past 3 years of all the students.

It must be noted that this decision will be applicable only for June 2020 exam result.

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