#Ibshamzahidbehindthebars: Harasser sending rape and death threats

Lahore, 14th September: Recently a young girl reported on being harassed by a boy named Ibsham Zahid.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, a girl has come out with the events of torture the boy has been inflicting upon her.

Reportedly, the boy Ibsham Zahid developed a crush on the girl named Fatima Aamir Sheikh and started stalking and harassing her.

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This man (Ibsham) has been harassing and threatening Fatima to kidnap and rape her and kill her family.

The girl’s friend has taken up the courage to report the case and has started a page on Twitter by the name of #Ibshamzahidbehindthebars. This hashtag is top trending on Twitter now.

The girl has provided with the pictures and videos of the harasser, who has alleged to rape Fatima and asked her to spend the night with him. It has been reported that the boy has threatened the girl to kill her father if she doesn’t consent to the boy’s wishes.

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Ibsham, the harasser has even sent her the pictures of himself with the weapons that he possesses:


Her family has tried every legal way possible but our system has failed to give her justice. She’s decided to come up on her own and needs our support.

People on social media have raised their voice against such cruel behaviour, and have shown support for Fatima Sheikh.

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Fatima is overwhelmed by the response and support that she has gained on social media. She shared on her Instagram account:

She wrote, “Thank you for the overwhelming love and support you all showed. Your comments really encouraged me. I couldn’t read all of them since my last post got taken down by Instagram, don’t forget to use these hashtags when reposting though.
Spread the hashtags as much as you can! #IBSHAMBEHINDTHEBARS #IBSHAMZAHID.”

She has shared the pictures and videos of the 16-year-old boy who has been harassing her for the last 3 years.

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On the other hand, Ibsham’s sister has claimed that he is mentally unstable and toxic to his family too. The family has given up on him.

It is to be noted that it’s a court case that has been going on for more than 3 years now. There’s an FIR against him too but the case is pending yet.

The police haven’t cooperated until the case got highlighted on social media.

It may be noted that with the rising cases of rape and sexual assault in Pakistan, cases of harassment and violence are also taking place that needs to be controlled and given urgent attention by the authorities!

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