ICC to decide on appeal of the “Terminator”

The Hague March 30, 2021: The Democratic Republic of Congo suffered a reign of terror at the start of the century and the hands of one Bosco Ntaganda. Widely known as the “Terminator”, he was convicted of war crimes and has since appealed to the ICC, who will rule on the matter today.
Rwandan-born Ntaganda, has the dubious honour of being served the longest sentence ever for his 18 counts of war crimes. His catalogue of exploits includes murder, massacre of entire villages, slavery and using children to further his aims. The first person ever to be convicted of sexual slavery, he is one of only 5 people ever to be convicted of war crimes.

The victims have already been awarded reparations but Ntaganda and his legal counsel believe the case against him was full of errors on law and fact. He is believed to be the architect of the violent Tutsi revolts amongst the civil conflicts in DRC. Formerly a Congolese army general, he later became a key leader of the Union of Congolese Patriots and founded the M23-Rebel Group who operated in the mineral rich but volatile Ituri province. The rival militias fought over regional supremacy and control of precious minerals, leaving thousands dead since the dawn of the century. Their weapons of choice included knives, sticks and machetes.

He also protests his innocence and maintains he is a soldier not a criminal and that the epithet “Terminator” did not apply to him. While the ICC itself has attracted criticism for trying mainly African origin suspects.

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