‘If it were in my hands, I would shoot Noor Muqaddam’s killer’: Sheikh Rasheed

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed speaks up about Noor Muqaddam murder case, according to Baaghi TV reports.

Speaking about the ongoing Nala Lei situation, Federal Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that it is his life’s mission to construct Nala Lei, which will bring peace to people in the surrounding areas. Addressing the matter of education, he said that the government is focused on education. He expressed the hope of turning Rawalpindi into a city of universities.

Moreover, he added that in the future, the services of the essential workers have been commendable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing the Noor Mukaddam murder case, the Federal Minister commented that if it were up to him, he would shoot the killer, Zahir Jaffer. It is pertinent to note that Noor Muqaddam, daughter of ex-Pakistan’s ambassador to South Korea Shaukat Muqaddam, was brutally murdered in sector F-7/4 Islamabad. The accused has been identified as a businessman named Zahir Jaffer, who reportedly had shot the girl before beheading her.

According to earlier reports by Baaghi TV, police arrested the accused Zahir Jaffer from the murder site, who later confessed to killing his friend.

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