Iffat Omar on her Support for Meesha Shafi

Lahore 12th Dec: After hearing a complaint against singer Meesha Shafi in the sessions court, Iffat Omar told the media that she believes in Meesha Shafi and will appear whenever the court calls.

Baaghi TV reported that after hearing a complaint against singer Meesha Shafi over her claim of honor, Ifat Umar told the media that she believes in Meesha Shafi. She expressed her loyalties towards her and exclaimed that she will appear in all court hearings whenever she is called.


Ali Zafar argues that singer Meesha Shafi does not attend court hearings in Pakistan but conveniently comes to the country to record her songs.

Meesha and Iffat believe that Ali Zafar’s allegation was wrong and that it was Meesha’s choice to either go to court or not.

Iffat claims that she is not best friends with Meesha. She explains that Meesha is a little younger than her. Additionally, she also says that she is a woman of the world who believes that the matter in discussion is very important for all women around the world, and that no woman would ever lie about something like this. Thus she believes that it is her responsibility to defend Meesha in this scenario.

Iffat adds that Meesha isn’t the only victim that she personally knows of, infact there are two more girls who have the same story as Meesha’s. Iffat thinks that Meesha is true, hence she will be supporting her.

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