IG Punjab seeks assistance of govt to ban PUBG game


Lahore: Punjab Police has decided to send recommendations to the provincial and federal governments for banning dangerous video games, which are fueling the rising trend of firing and incitement to violence, so that the younger generation could be protected from their harmful effects.

Giving details in this regard, spokesperson of Punjab Police said that due to video games like PUBG, several incidents of firing have come to light and that is why the police department has decided to seek help from the government for banning of PUBG. Spokes Person Punjab Police said that the decision to send recommendations was taken in view of tragic incident that took place in Kahna Lahore in which the youngest son of a family of four members in a house turned out to be a victim of PUBG game and shot dead his own mother and three siblings. He further said that PUBG is very dangerous for the mental development of the youth as the players accustomed to the game get involved in violent activities to complete the task. Spokesperson Punjab Police requested the parents to monitor their children and prevent them from engaging in any negative activity.
According to details, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Ahmad Khan Buzdar and IG Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan had taken notice of the tragic incident in Kahna. CCPO Lahore directed DIG Operations and DIG Investigation to take immediate action in this regard. Spokesperson Punjab Police said that during the preliminary investigation of the incident, along with other evidences, the police came to know that the victim Nahid Mubarak’ son Ali Zain lives in complete isolation in his room and is addicted to PUBG game. On the day of the incident, he went to Jaranwala for his mother’s funeral, but did not return. Ali Zain’s real aunt was refusing to present his nephew and he was hidden in a village near Faisalabad.
The killer Ali Zain got interested to PUBG video game through students living in an educational hostel and he started living an imaginary dual life. Under influence of this game, on 19th janaury, Ali Zain shot dead his mother, two sisters and one elder brother. After carrying out this bloody game, the killer Ali Zain came out of the house through the roof and hid the pistol. He while eager to complete his task fell asleep in his mother Maternity labour room. Repeated defeats in the game (PUBG) increased the stress and I fired shots thinking that everyone will come back to life like in the game. Punjab Police Spokesperson said that further investigation into all aspects of the incident was underway and the accused would be severely punished after fulfilling requirements of law and justice.