Illegal appointments affecting CAA’s performance

Nepotism, corruption and mismanagement continues to engulf the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Many believe that favoritism and nepotism has ruined the performance of the authority risking lives of hundreds of thousands of passengers.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, the authority, which is responsible for operating all airports including major international airports, has been run by incompetent top-level officials who do not even meet the requisite criteria for the post.

Some official documents reveal that the CAA service regulations and temporary/ permanent/ contractual appointments on senior positions and induction criteria of different officers need strict scrutiny.

The corruption and irregularities were revealed which disclosed that some officers have been appointed on top-level posts setting all rules and regulations aside.

CAA Mafia Exposed

According to sources, Baaghi TV learnt that such is the level of favoritism in CAA that the person currently appointed as Director Flight Standards (DFS), Captain Syed M. Rafatullah was previously selected as a Flight Inspector, but was then removed, as he did not meet the requisite criteria for the post.

Captain Rafatullah does not have any wide body experience and was previously terminated from CAA due forged flying hours. Moreover, he has no experience regarding management which is one of the basic requirements.

He now serves as the director of the whole department thanks to the secretary aviation, who was his ex-course mate, Director General (DG) CAA, Shahrukh Nusrat.

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Another example of CAA mismanagement is the illegal appointment of Nadeem Hanif as a CAA Flight Inspector. He had multiple failures in his career as a pilot and has doubtful flying hours which is in everybody’s knowledge. Moreover, he had multiple failures as a pilot on B-737 and A-320 and also failed a CAA monitored route check because he got lost near old Islamabad airport.

As per the details, Flight Inspector Masood Elahi failed him but later he got selected since his wife is a Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Member National Assembly (MNA) from Karachi on a reserved seat. Moreover, he is also a very close and personal friend of the Secretary Aviation and DG CAA, Shahrukh Nusrat.

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Another example is Captain Hameed Khan who is the Additional Director (Flight Inspector Pilot). According to Baaghi TV sources, he has multiple failures in Pakistan and abroad. and his instructor rating was once withdrawn by the CAA. Flight inspectors Irfan Hashmi and Captain Balban Sabir had informed him that he is not fit to be an instructor due professional incompetence.

But wait, he was also a very good friend and batch mate of the Secretary Aviation and DG CAA, Shahrukh Nusrat. Surprisingly, the tests were conducted on July 14, 2019 (Sunday). Their intentions were pretty much clear, it was done just to avoid the limelight.

The only criteria for appointment or promotion in the CAA is to have sufficient strings to pull, or a close relative/friend in authority. Transparency and discipline must be enforced within PIA, CAA and other regulatory agencies. The Government of Pakistan should take action against them and review the current organizational setup of the recruiting body.

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