Illegal postings in PTV, court gave a big shock to the board of directors

According to the Baaghi TV report, the appointment of PTV chairman Arshad Khan in the Islamabad High Court has been declared null and void.

The court declared the appointment of PTV chairman Arshad Khan illegal. The appointments of independent directors on the PTV Board of Directors were also declared illegal.

The court upheld the appointment of Chief News and Current Affairs Katrina Hussain. Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani ruled against illegal appointments in PTV.

The court annulled the notification dated October 3, 2018, disqualified Chairman PTV Arshad Shaan, Member Rashid Khan, Farmanullah Jan for the post of Permanent Director, also annulled the appointment of independent members of the PTV Board. Islamabad High Court rules in favor of PTV over 10 petitions.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani heard the petition of PTV Union General Secretary Pervez Akhtar Bhatti. It was stated that the appointments of the heads of 6 departments of PTV were made by a private firm without any advertisement and the rules laid down by the Supreme Court were not taken into consideration.

The petition also said that if the vacancies were advertised, people with expertise in related fields from across the country could come forward. Due to lack of transparency in appointments, it should be declared null and void.

The court summoned Federal Information, Secretary Information, Chairman Board of Directors, Chief News and Current Affairs Katrina Hussain, Head of Marketing and Content Khawar Azhar, Chief Technology Officer Nasir A Naqvi, Chief Financial Officer Usman Bajwa, Chief Digital Officer Atif Zarif and Chief Human Resource Officer Tahir Mushtaq and a decision was reserved after the hearing.

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