Illogical, high handed orders of environment department leading to closure of kilns: Traders

Rawalpindi, July 03 : Traders leader and member Chambers of Commerce Rawalpindi Chaudhry Muhammad Sarfraz has said that Environment department has put the kiln business at the brink of devastation with resorting to ugly tactics of intimidating and harassing the owners and others affiliated with this business.

Under the pretext of smog, earlier the owners were asked to shift their kilns to zig zag technology and the contractors and owners were forced to resort to the court against this high handed order. The court provided relief.

It proved as well that the kilns functioning in Rawalpindi division do not produce smog, therefore, clamping restrictions on these kilns is not just and equitable.

The environment department after having lost their case in the court have now started issuing notices to the kilns on the pretext of multiple diseases besides sealing the kilns.

New technology is a flopped plan which is neither workable nor practicable because it devours a plethora of capital in terms of investment besides denting quality of business. Those who have embarked upon this technology stand besieged in ocean of worries as their loss is increasing manifold and their gains are shrinking to drops from ocean.

How tyrannical it is that on one hand government is going to launch Naya Pakistan Housing project and on the other hand we are being constrained to shut out business. This attitude of high ups of government will not only lead to non availability and shortfall in bricks but also affect adversely the related businesses of sand, cement etc.

He appealed to the government to call meeting of the owners of kilns and give heed to their just demands keeping in view the ground realities.

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