Importance of coastline in Pakistan’s Economy

Pakistan is blessed with various natural resources but one of them is coastline areas. Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan shares a 670 km long coastline whereas Sindh province with 350 approximately.

Indian ocean, Arabian ocean, Makran and, Indus offshore are contributing in a large number in the coastline. Similarly, the coastline, with energy production, tourism, and fisheries aquaculture industries has enough capability to produce revenue. Thus, such an important sector (coastline) if once developed, however, would have weird implications in the future.

Similarly, the Indian and Arabian oceans are two important sectors for the coastline. Through this sector, coastal tourism and cruise ship industries would share great revenue for Pakistan’s economy.

The developed world is indulged by generating its maximum revenue to the same sectors by promoting tourism. But Pakistan is still at that point where the coastline was in 1947. According to a rough estimation, it multiplies gross domestic once it operates.

Moreover, the energy crisis in the country subsisting for a long time, but once the turning attention towards the coastline would resolve the energy crisis for a lifetime. The Makran and Sindh offshore have the various opportunity in the term of energy: for instance, the coastline Makran and Indus offshore can produce 0.10 million MW electricity: wind energy 0.4 million, solar energy 0.5 million and tidal 0.1.1million. Therefore, it’s a vital source for the country.

Admittedly, the coastline is the zenith of tourism. The long coastline areas constitute various opportunities for promoting tourism. It includes tourist resort construction, Hotel construction, sunset park construction, entertainment beach construction, and much more.No doubt, it would provide enough revenue for the economy.

Therefore, the importance of the coastline for the country varies much. The future of nation and country is directly proportionate with the coastline. It is an alarming issue for the country to develop the coastline and secure the future.


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