Important meeting of OIC members underway against Israel’s aggression

Lahore, 16th May: The heads of Muslim governments are meeting for important discussions in Saudi Arabia against Israel’s aggression on Palestine.

Baaghi TV: A virtual meeting of the foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is underway in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia is hosting a virtual meeting of foreign ministers to discuss the Israeli atrocities, the issue of desecration of Al-Quds Sharif is also being considered.

It may be noted that the barbarism of Israel continues in Gaza. 41 children have been martyred in this inhumane bombing, after which the number of martyrs rose to 154.

The UN Security Council has also convened a meeting to review the situation.

On the other hand, China expressed concern over the invasion of Palestine, the Chinese ambassador said that the United Nations should now take action and send a strong message.

Earlier, a meeting of the Security Council was postponed by the United States, and Israel took advantage of the situation to carry out more bombings in Gaza and to wreak havoc.

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United Nations session to discuss Israeli attacks on Palestine is scheduled for today