Imran Abbas anxiously awaiting the arrival of Burak Ozdemir

Imran Abbas anxiously awaiting the arrival of Burak Ozdemir

Renowned actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Imran Abbas is also anxiously awaiting the arrival of world renowned Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir in Pakistan.

According to the details, Imran Abbas has recently spent his vacation in Turkey where he also met many celebrities. Imran Abbas met actor Jim Ochan, who played Aliyar Bay, the son of the Chahudar chief, in Turkey’s historical drama series Ertugrul Ghazi, and world-renowned Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir, and shared the photos on social media.

During the meeting with Imran Abbas, Turkish chef Burak not only offered the Pakistani actor delicious food made by him but also gave him a special hand-made bread as a gift on which he wrote the name of the actor.

However, Imran Abbas has now returned home, but he has formed a good friendship with Turkish chef and Ertugrul Ghazi’s actor Aliyar Bay, which these celebrities seem to express through their social media posts.

Recently, Imran Abbas posted a video on the social networking site Instagram in which Imran Abbas is accompanied by Turkish chef Barak in which Burak is expressing his love for Pakistan and Imran Abbas. Buraq, in his video, called Imran his big brother and expressed his love and sincerity. While sharing the video, Imran Abbas thanked the Turkish chef for his love and sincerity and said that this love and friendship is mutual and will never end, God willing.

It should be noted that Turkish chef CZN Barak had announced through a social media post that he would come to Pakistan this month. In a video message with well-known social activist and lawyer Hassan Niazi, Buraq revealed that he was coming to Pakistan this month and would meet everyone soon.

In addition, world-renowned Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir recently expressed his love for Pakistan and Kashmir in a video message and wished to visit Kashmir.

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In a video released on social media, Barak expressed his love for Pakistan and said that we belong to Turkey, we love Pakistan very much. Pakistan is in our hearts. I wish and pray that we come to Kashmir soon.

Turkish Chef’s visit to Pakistan will include meetings with important personalities in Lahore and Islamabad. In Lahore, he will also meet the Governor of Punjab. In addition, Burak will also visit Azad Kashmir for which special arrangements and preparations are underway.

It should be noted that Barak Ozdemir is commonly known as CZN Burak on social media and is one of the most followed personalities on social media in Turkey.

While fans of the Turkish chef are anxiously awaiting his arrival in Pakistan and making special arrangements to celebrate the arrival of their favorite celebrity, Baaghi TV is also ready to give full coverage to them and will keep the Pakistani fans of Burak informed about his visit to Pakistan.

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