Imran and Pakistan’s Economy – A subjective appraisal.


In my opinion, Imran is doing everything humanly possible to fix our economic woes, which I think, he and his administration will Insha Allah fix via a combination of several strategies as under.

1. Increase exports. Long term. Requires major change and sustainment in government policies. Rs depreciation part of this. Requires policy and credit support to promote local industry. Also to leverage agriculture value addition. Science and technological research. Skill development. All Underway. Fawad as Minister S&T needs to be kicked out.

2. Exploit local oil and gas reserves, minerals etc. All underway.

3. Decrease imports. Short term. But double edged as well. May hurt local industry importing plant, equipment and machinery to modernise. But also underway.

4. Increase tax base and revenue. Underway with the FBR reforms.Tax amnesty etc.

5. Fire sale of State Owned Enterprises. Underway via Sarmaya Pakistan.

6. Fix and then sell State Owned Enterprises. Underway via Sarmaya Pakistan.

7. Fix and retain some State Owned Enterprises, considered strategic. Underway.

8. Plug power sector leakage. Underway.

9. Remove state subsidies. Underway. Hence the electricity, petrol and gas price increases.

10. Attempt to recover ill gotten wealth from Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari, and their families Shahbaz, Hamza, Salman, Hassan, Hussain, Maryam, Faryal, Bilawal and cronies like Ishaq Dar, Khawaja Saad, Shahid Khaqan, Agha Siraj etc.

11. Borrow more to stave off bankruptcy. Underway.

12. Seek more aid from friendly countries to stave off bankruptcy and bolster foreign exchange reserves.

Really what more can Imran do?

He’s doing the best anyone can do under the current terrible circumstances all these corrupt leaders in the past have left us with. Whether in or out of uniform.

And now this mafia of kleptocrats and plutocrats want to foist that Maryam Nawaz and that Bilawal on us as “next generation political leaders”.

And actively supported by all our mainstream leading TV anchors.

All these TV anchors, every single one of them, perhaps barring an odd exception have no love for Pakistan. These narcissistic maniacs open their brothels every evening and sell their souls for the sake of ratings and viewership, providing a level of discussion and analyses worthy of the names I’ve labelled them with.

They have destroyed the sanity of our society, of our youth, of our people by spewing garbage and filth every evening for 4 hours, from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Honestly if I ever had power, I’d lynch this lot just for destroying our ability to think straight. All our citizens poisoned by their crap.

Despite my personal anger at Imran for some extremely stupid and questionable decisions in appointing absolute losers on key positions, mostly because of his incompetence, ignorance and inexperience and also most likely expedience and lack of options, he has learned fast.

Clearly he’s getting it now.

If he stays for the remainder of his term, we will Insha Allah be out of the woods.

And hence I fervently pray for him everyday, despite his many shortcomings and still believe he’s our best fighting chance.


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