Imran Khan: The True Ambassador of Kashmir

Imran Khan is a great Muslim Sistadan who feels the pain of oppressed Kashmiris from the heart – Imran Khan paid homage to be the ambassador of Kashmir on every platform of the Upper Nations.

The opposition has always given priority to personal interests over the Kashmir cause while Imran Khan has acted as the real son of Kashmir and raised the issue of Kashmir before the United Nations. Imran Khan’s courage and bravery are admired as he stands on the land of Europe and fights the case of Kashmir with such glory that his roar is heard all over the world.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on September 27, Imran Khan exposed India’s barbarism by describing the Kashmir issue to the world.

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On the contrary, previous governments have always turned a blind eye to the Kashmir issue and always made up with Hitler Modi for personal gain.

Imran Khan is the real ambassador and spokesman of Kashmir. Previous governments have always been busy appeasing and giving gifts to Modi, the killer of innocent Kashmiris.

While Imran Khan gave a clear message to Hitler Modi that Modi should not be mistaken and consider Kashmir alone. Pakistan stands by Kashmir in all circumstances. Imran Khan also gave a clear message to all human rights parties and the UN that if they do not take any step to control the brutality of the Indian Armed Forces in occupied Kashmir then be prepared for the worst.

Imran khan also warned India that we believe in One God we will fight till our last breath but we will not allow occupation of Kashmir. Expressing solidarity with Kashmiris on the occasion of Black Day, Imran Khan said that Modi has betrayed innocent people by imposing curfew in Kashmir.

The silence of human rights activists on the worse treatment of Kashmiris than animals by Hitler Modi is regrettable.

Imran Khan reminded the Kashmiris that Pakistan, all the provinces of Pakistan stand with Kashmir. Imran Khan said Pakistan’s heart beats with Kashmir.

Wherever Imran Khan went in the world Kashmir, and their pain is always with Imran Khan. PM Khan repeatedly sent a message to Modi to resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue instead of tyranny.

He reminded the UN several times that Kashmiris should be given their rights. He fought the case of Kashmiris’ freedom and their rights to living at every level.

Imran Khan said that even if India gets a nine lakh army, the spirit of independence of Kashmiris cannot be eradicated. Every child born in Kashmir comes into this world with a new commitment to independence.

He has always proved to be a benefactor and ambassador of Kashmiris. Khan said that as long as he has lived and as long as he has the courage, he will be a part of Kashmiris’ struggle for independence. He said to become the voice of Kashmir he will keep knocking on the conscience of the so-called human rights activists.

Imran Khan called on all Islamic leaders to work together, raise their voices to resolve the Kashmir issue and urge the United Nations to resolve the issue. But the criminal silence of the Islamic world is reprehensible.

The Noon League, which made false promises to win the elections in Azad Kashmir, should remember that their fugitive leader Mian Nawaz, who always Ignored the bodies of oppressed Kashmiris for personal gain, always remained silent and pleased his master Hitler Modi, while Imran Khan is the real ambassador. He acted as a mediator of Kashmir on every occasion and repeatedly knocked on the door of the United Nations for the rights of Kashmiris.

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