Imran Khan’s govt implementing agenda of public welfare: Faisal Javed

ISLAMABAD, Dec 30 (APP):Senator Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Faisal Javed Khan said the incumbent government was implementing the agenda of public welfare and committed to provide shelter homes to homeless deserving people across the country.

Talking to PTV news channel, Senator Faisal said PTI government was utilizing every penny of public honestly and with complete transparency for welfare of masses and endeavouring hard for provision of basic facilities to them.

“We need to protect the weakest segment of society by providing them affordable living facilities as rents are more higher and not affordable for deprived people”.  He further said, “Government feels pains of poor and providing them free of cost shelters and foods facilities in these homes”, he added.

He said splendid projects including Temporary Shelter homes (Panah Gha) were initiated for the benefit of the common people and an example of utilization of funds on welfare of the masses has been made.
Faisal Javed said Panagah’s project was a unique step of the incumbent government to provide shelter to those people who spend nights on roads specially in this chilly weather.

He said, on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan, he himself paid a surprised visit in Tarlai area of Islamabad and directed to ensure provision of basic needs for people living there. He said government has established two more Panah Gha in the capital and currently a total of five shelter homes including Tarnol and Bara Kaho shelter were serving people. It is the agenda of the government to facilitate people of the country under the PM’s vision of Riyasat-e-Madina.

PTI would take more steps to bring more people over poverty line and certain measures have already been taken in this regard, he added. Basically, this shelter home project is for facilitate orphans, street children and the homeless and people who were force to spent nights on roads due to lack of accommodation. The shelter-home (Panah Gah) in the capital and other cities are accommodating male and female separately, and all are being provided comfortable bedding and good food, he said.

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